Delicious delights brought directly to you
Delicious delights brought directly to you
Delicious delights brought directly to you
Delicious delights brought directly to you

About Us

The Wandering Chef is a food business for all occasions. While we love to do small event catering for life cycle events, business meetings or a special dinner for the family (or even just a romantic couples dinner!) the foundation of The Wandering Chef is built around our “hosted” dinners (think pop up style) with a menu that’s constantly changing and dynamic and that takes advantage of the bounty of local, sustainable, products that California has to offer. These dinners will vary depending on the location, the size of the event and the complexity of the menu but will always be fun, delicious and creatively presented.

One of the most exciting aspects of our dinners is that while each guest will have their own beautifully presented course, you’ll be dining “communally” meaning that you’ll be sitting with other group members who you may or may not know. This is a really fun way to meet and connect with other like minded, food loving people while enjoying your meal. These dinners are relatively interactive: with each course we’ll explain how the dish came to be and where the ingredients are sourced from and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about everything and anything you can think of. We’re connected to the food we’re serving and we want you to be connected too.

Most of our dinners are an exclusive opportunity only for our members and their guests that feature guest chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and anyone else who shares our passion for good food, good drinks and good company. By becoming a member of The Wandering Chef group you’ll receive announcements about upcoming hosted dinners and other exciting events and you’ll have priority access to our Wandering Chef culinary team for your private needs.

We’d love to have you join us!


We’re glad to have you! The first step is to become a member – it’s free and only takes a minute. Click on the link below to begin!

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Award Winning

Winner of the “Throwdown Thursday” Battle at JB’s Bar and Lounge

100% grass fed beef, Niman ranch bacon, balsamic vinegar marinated red onion, sweet pickled jalapeños, blue cheese-chipotle slaw, garlic butter toasted Acme Bread Co slider


The Wandering Chef prides itself on being a little different from most catering companies. We don’t generally do large scale functions and limit the size of our events. Our focus is on the quality of our product and the precise techniques we use to prepare our customized menus for you which means we prefer not to accommodate large groups. Not only is our menu customized but we also customize your experience. If you want us to be front and center with you and your guests so everyone can feel involved, we welcome that. If you’d prefer that we’re behind the scenes that’s ok too. We can serve guests or present the food “family” style. We can prepare the food off site and bring it to your destination for you to serve when you’re ready or we can be on site and serve a multi course menu as if you’re sitting in your favorite “upscale” restaurant. It’s all about your needs so we can provide you with the magical experience that you deserve!


We love to take our food on the road! We prefer a more intimate setting (Just you and your significant other? Having a few friends over to catch up? A small business lunch or dinner? Life cycle events like baby namings and birthdays? Pre-wedding meal?) that allows us to help connect you with the food that we’ll be putting in front you.


Full time personal chefs are often too pricey for the average person – so the Wandering Chef group can provide you with a consistently high quality dining experience and we take all of the guessing game out of choosing where to have your next meal or hosted event.


Ultimately our goal is to create a dining experience specifically tailored for you. Get in touch with us soon and let us “wow” you!


The Wandering Chef team likes to define our culinary focus with a sense of “rustic elegance.” Our food is rarely complicated or manipulated (using molecular gastronomy is so much fun and we love what you can do with food!), rather our goal is to allow each piece of our unique offerings to shine through with its own color, taste and texture. With that said, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and love to prepare everything from casual sandwiches and salads to fabulously lavish offerings like butter poached lobster and everything in between!

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