Jeremy Katz

Creative Founder, Owner and Chef (and new dad!)

In the past 20 years Jeremy has had the privilege of working in a wide variety of food and beverage businesses from California to Copenhagen. From his first job as a part time dish washer/egg roll maker at his local mom and pop run Chinese restaurant to working along side celebrity chefs like Elizabeth Falkner as the General Manager of her flagship restaurant, Citizen Cake, Jeremy has had one culinary defining experience after another.

With opportunities to work with renowned chefs like Alice Waters and Jim Maser(Cafe Fanny), Michael Tusk (Quince), Kerry Simon (Simon Kitchen and Bar), Scott Howard (Scott Howard Restaurant) and Shotaro Kamio (Yoshi’s), Jeremy has been influenced by many fantastic chefs with a wide variety of culinary perspectives and he translates that influence in to the food that he creates.

Jeremy’s commitment to sourcing and using only the very best products for his clients is at the center of what makes The Wandering Chef so special. The farm to table movement is not a new invention, but Jeremy embraces the concept and strives to incorporate its ideals into everything he does. For Jeremy the connections that he’s been able to make with farmers, butchers, chefs and bartenders through this work is whats makes the work special.

It’s Jeremy’s sense of “rustic elegance” that defines The Wandering Chef and it’s his vision of an informal, loosely based group of food and beverage professionals operating as a dining collective that drives the direction for our team.

Megan Kehdi

Owner and Operations Manager (and new mom!)

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